Trending Food


Brand Story
When I was struggling to find motivation during the first COVID-19 shut down, I began watching YouTube and TikTok food videos. After I watched these videos, I would try the recipe or trending activity on my own. Food trends are becoming more interesting as time goes on. I would like to entertain my viewers by sharing my experiences.

Brand Promise
Through this blog, I promise to show my viewers fun trends that they can try themselves. I will also do at least one segment where I give back to other customers. My brand promise is to brighten your day through sharing trends that I hope viewers will try. I promise to keep viewers updated and involved in the food world.

Brand Beliefs
I believe food can create happiness within people. With the current times, people are finding it difficult to find motivation and happiness. I believe this food blog will motivate others to cook new recipes and try new experiences involving food.

Brand Trust
My viewers can trust my blog because I will be shadowing big accounts with many views. I will also be making videos for certain blogs so my viewers will get a better understanding of who I am and what the blog strives to be. I understand that not every person eats the same; therefore, the food will cover a wide spectrum.

Official Positioning Statement

My official branding statement is “For individuals who love food and/or follow social media trends, this blog will open your mind to current trends in the food world of social media.