A Drink Surprise- The Good And The Bad

A Drink Surprise- The Good And The Bad

Have you ever wanted to try a new item, but didn’t know what to try? Recently, there’s been a trend on social media where a person orders the same thing as the person in front of them. This can be a fun, exciting way to spice up your drive-thru habits! While we were bored at home, my cousin and I found this trend and decided to try it. Our first stop was Dunkin Donuts, then we went on an unplanned trip to Starbucks.

On our visit to Dunkin Donuts, we had a great service experience but failed to acquire a flavorful beverage. After ordering, we pulled up to the window and were handed two of the same drinks. The drinks reminded me of a milky green color; the cashier called it the “matcha” drink. She informed us that the matcha drink included green tea and milk. It wasn’t the worst drink ever, but it was not our favorite. Because we were unsatisfied with the first round, we decided to try Starbucks.

At Starbucks, we had an awesome experience. Not only were the new drinks amazing, but the service was as well. The cashier was excited to take care of customers who were following the trend! Because she was a fan of the trend, she asked if I preferred to know to the drink or be surprised. Because I wanted to write this blog, I decided to know what was in the drink. SURPRISE, SURPRISE: on this round of drive-thru shenanigans, we only attained one drink— the “pink drink”. This one did not include coffee, but it was tasty! The basic ingredients are the strawberry acai refresher and coconut milk.

Overall, we both agreed that Starbucks had the better drink. We finished the pink drink before I could snap a picture, but below you’ll find a picture of the matcha drink. Have you ever tried a pink drink or a matcha drink? If so, feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thank you for reading!


  1. Travis McNellis

    I found this to be pretty interesting and may have to give it a try. I never get anything at a Starbucks because I dont know what to order but perhaps now I may just take this approach and in the process find a new delicious drink. Thank you for this story!!

  2. Kelly Bowman

    Oh boy! I can speak from experience, this is definitely a fun trend. Lately the biggest trend has been “TikTok” drinks. Once someone posts a video, we will literally get tons of orders each day😊. It’s fun to try new things and that’s the easiest way… “I’ll have what they are having”!

    Great job Des!

  3. Kalyn

    Not a huge Starbucks fan, but when I go I almost always order the pink drink! I’m obsessed with Dunkin’ but never try anything new so I’ll have to try this trend to step outside of my comfort zone.

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