Korean Corn Dogs: The Perfect Combination of Korean Flavor and American Snack.

Korean hot dogs, also known as Korean corn dogs, are a popular Korean street food that has recently arrived in the United States. Learn how to make these fun, hot dogs at home.

hot corn dog

What are Korean Hot Dogs?

Korean corn dogs, also known as “hotdogs” or “fish dogs” in Korea, are a popular street food that has been gaining popularity in recent years. These delicious treats are a twist on the classic American corn dog, with a unique Korean twist.

The Korean corn dog is made by coating a hot dog sausage in a sweet and savoury batter, which is typically made from flour, corn flour, sugar, and seasonings. The hot dog is then skewered and deep-fried to perfection, resulting in a crispy and golden exterior with a warm and juicy interior.

One of the most popular variations of the Korean corn dog is the “cheese dog,” which includes a generous helping of melted cheese in the centre of the hot dog. This adds an extra layer of creaminess and flavour to the already delicious treat.

If you haven’t yet tried a Korean corn dog, you’re missing out! These delicious treats are sure to become your new favourite snack. They are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth or satisfying a craving for something savoury.

How to make a Korean corn dog

  1. Assemble: Begin by cutting the hot dogs in the half. Cut the block of mozzarella cheese into sticks roughly the size of the divided hot dogs. Utilize a skewer and stick, a hot dog, and afterwards cheese. Place them in the refrigerator to keep them cold.
  2. Make the batter: The batter should be made. In a bowl, mix together flour, sugar, milk, an egg, baking powder, and a pinch of salt.
  3. Dip: To make sure the batter clings to the hot dog and cheese, hold the stick and dip the hot dogs.
  4. Coat: To coat the battered hot dog in panko, be sure to press on the panko gently and it will completely coat the dog.
  5. Fry: Warm up the oil over medium-high heat. The temperature of the oil should be between 350 and 375F. The oil temp will drop when you add your corn dogs, to start with, aim for 375F. I utilise an instant-read thermometer. Fry the corn dogs with no crowding until golden and crispy. Use a pair of tongs or a spoon to scoop them out and let them drain on a wire rack.
  6. Enjoy: You can sprinkle or roll the golden corn dog in sugar, ketchup, and mustard and then add condiments.

Korean corn dog ingredients

  • hot dogs – grab your favourite brand of hot dog and cut it into two. I like standard all-beef hot dogs.
  • mozzarella cheese –It is better to get a block of low-moisture cheese and cut it into sticks for this recipe, The cheese holds up better when deep fried. It will work if you only have cheese-string snacks.
  • batter – I went with a thick hitter produced using flour, eggs, milk, sugar, and a touch of salt. Some Korean corn dogs are made with a yeasted or rice batter however I found this recipe on youtube and it looked pretty darn great. The batter worked well!
  • panko – Many Korean corn dogs are coated in a Japanese breadcrumb. Panko is irregularly shaped. It’s a secret to light breading. It’s worth it to buy a bag of panko, especially if you love the crunch. It’s cheaper to purchase panko at an Asian grocery store than it is in a grocery store.
  • oil – To deep fry your Korean corn dogs, you need about 2 cups of oil. If you want the oil temperature to be between 350-373F, go for a high smoke point oil. The highest to the lowest smoke point is what the best oils for frying are. Grains include safflower, rice bran, soybean, corn, sunflowers, and grapeseed. You want a neutral oil that has no flavour. We usually buy safflower because I think it is cute, but go for something cheaper.
  • sugar – A roll of sugar adds a bit of crunch.
  • ketchup and mustard – It’s up to you, a cute squiggling of one or both is classic.


Skewers: You use skewers. They won’t hold up your Korean corn dog if they’re too skinny. It is best to use a thick wooden skewer or a disposable wooden chopstick.

Cold cheese, hot dogs, and the batter: It’s important to keep your food cold. Assuming that they’re at room temp excessively too long or they warm up, the cheese tends to overflow out when you’re deep frying. It’s ideal in the event that you keep the hot dogs and cheese chilled for something like 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

The right mozzarella: Using low-moisture mozzarella blocks is key. The block of mozzarella cut into sticks will be much more stretchy and melty than string cheese.

Hot oil: The best temperature to fry these corn dogs is 350°F.

One or two at a time: If this is your first time, coat and fry the corn one or two at a time. The cheese and batter need to be cold in the fridge.

The less cheese and batter you have, the less it will leak. It’s a mess when cheese is in hot oil.

Don’t skip out on the sugar: The sugar layer might seem extra but it’s that sweet and salty combo that makes Korean corn dogs so good!

Potatoes: Slashed-up fries are one more well-known coating for Korean corn dogs. They’re considered ganja hotdogs and they’re a delectable mashup of corn dogs and fries. Rather than covering it in panko, roll your battered hot dog in chopped-up frozen french fries and panko then fry as usual.

Korean corn dog variations

There are around 1,000 various types of Korean corn hot dog coatings that you can get in Korea. Here are a few ideas for you to extend your corn hot dogs world!

  • Ramen dogs – The ramen packets add crunch. The seasoning packet can be used for ramen vibes.
  • Gamja-hot dog – French fry hot dogs are called gamja hot dogs. The Korean word for potato is gamja, which means chopped-up french fries to coat. The fries are great with hot dogs and cheese.
  • Cornflake dogs – If you want to play on corn dogs, use crushed-up cornflakes. Cornflakes have a corn-y flavour.
  • Crispy rice – You can either crush up rice crackers or look for Korean rice puffs and roll your corn dog in rice.
  • Hot Cheetos – Cheetos add crunch If you do a mozzarella dog, you should put some lime and mayo on it.
korean corn dog

Why is it called a corn dog?

A corn dog is a type of sausage that is coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter and deep-fried. The “corn” in the name refers to the cornmeal used in the batter. The “dog” part of the name is thought to refer to the sausage used as the main ingredient, which is often made from pork or beef. The term “corn dog” has been in use since at least the 1940s, and it is thought to have originated in the United States.

What is a Korean corn dog made of?

Korean hot dogs are a popular Korean street food in Korea. There are many Korean corn dogs that are just made of cheese, fish cake, rice cakes, or mozzarella dogs just loaded up with cheese and ones coated in potatoes or ramen noodles. Hot dogs are coated in batter, then gently coated in sugar prior to getting done with your preference for fixings. The sweet and salty combination works well.

Is a corn dog beef or pork?

A corn dog can be made with either beef or pork sausage, or sometimes a combination of the two. The sausage is typically encased in a thick layer of cornmeal batter before being deep-fried, which gives it a crispy exterior. Some variations of corn dogs also include other ingredients such as cheese or jalapeños. The traditional corn dog is made of beef or pork, but you can find different variations with chicken, turkey, or even vegetarian options in some places.

What type of meat is a corn dog?

A traditional corn dog is made with a type of sausage, which is typically made from beef or pork, or a combination of both. The sausage is then coated in a thick layer of cornmeal batter before being deep-fried. This gives it a crispy exterior and a moist and juicy interior. Some variations of corn dogs also include other ingredients such as cheese or jalapeños. The meat can also be replaced with chicken, turkey, or even vegetarian options in some places.

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