Simple Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe

A delicious simple homemade mac and cheese recipe. When you have a lot of expensive cheese, it can be hard to find a good mac and cheese recipe at home. The recipe is cheap and mouthwatering.

Looking for a simple homemade alternative to boxed mac and cheese that’s just as quick and easy?

This stovetop The mac and cheese uses ingredients and comes together in just 30 minutes. It’s so simple that once you make it a couple of times, you’ll be able to memorize it.

How to Make Simple Homemade Mac and Cheese Recipe?

Step 1: Boil Macaroni

The water should be brought to a boil. For about 8 minutes, cook elbow macaroni.

Tip: Double the amount of macaroni for a thicker mac and cheese.

Step 2: Make a Roux

Go ahead and make the roux while the macaroni is cooking. A roux is a mixture of fat and flour that makes up the base of mac and cheese.

Step 3: Add Cheese and Macaroni

The most important step: Add cheese! Gradually mix in Cheddar cheese until smooth and melted. We suggest you grate your own cheese because pre-shredded cheese won’t blend into the mixture as well as block cheese.

Once the macaroni is done cooking, drain and stir into the cheese sauce.

Mac & Cheese


  • 1 (8-ounce) box of elbow macaroni
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ cup all-purpose flour
  • ¼ cup butter
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese


Step 1: Get a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Cook elbow macaroni in the boiling water, occasionally stirring until cooked through but firm to the bite, 10 minutes.

Step 2: At the same time, melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add flour, salt, and pepper and mix until smooth, about 6 minutes. Slowly pour in milk. Continue to cook and stir until the mixture is smooth and bubbling, about 5 minutes, making sure the milk doesn’t burn.

Step 3: Add Cheddar cheese and mix until melted, 2 to 4 minutes.

Step 4: Drain macaroni and fold init into cheese sauce until coated.

Nutrition for different types of mac and cheese.

Types of Macaroni & Cheese (1 cup)Fat(g)Carbs(g)Prot(g)Calories
Regular Macaroni & Cheese22.8452.1519.29493
Canned Macaroni & Cheese5.8827.538.08196
Macaroni & Cheese (Boxed)11.5954.2915.28386
Macaroni & Cheese (Dry Mix)19.2149.1611.94418
Creamed Macaroni & Cheese17.1848.1816.26416

How to reduce the calorie count of mac and cheese?

Mac and cheese are usually made with high calories and high-fat ingredients. Extra fat and calories can be found in some versions of cream cheese or butter.

If you want to enjoy mac and cheese in moderation, there are easy swaps you can make to reduce the calories or make the dish healthier.

There are a few healthier substitutes for mac and cheese.

  1. Adding vegetables to your mac and cheese will increase its fibre and nutrition content.
  2. Use beans or chickpeas instead of plain macaroni to increase the amount of fibre in the pasta.
  3. Instead of plain macaroni, use cauliflower or broccoli.
  4. Add diced chicken breast or other lean sources to the dish to make the dish more filling with lean protein sources.
  5. Halve the cheese used and add herbs and spices to flavour the dish instead.
  6. Unsweetened nut milk may reduce calories.
  7. Neufchatel cheese has the same creamy texture and flavour as cream cheese, so use it instead.

10 Yummy & Clever Mac and Cheese Add-Ins.

Hack your mac, there are 10 easy ways to make mac and cheese yummy & clever.


  1. Bacon
  2. Broccoli
  3. Green Beans
  4. Peas
  5. Carrots
  6. Onions
  7. Mushrooms 
  8. Garlic
  9. Bread Crumbs
  10. Ground Beef/Turkey/Chicken/Tuna/Shrimp/Shredded Chicken/Hot Dog.

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